The Student Loan Debt Relief application is still closed. Here is the latest

Is the student loan relief application available?
The issue of student loan forgiveness is still in doubt after a second federal appeals court rejected Biden’s request for the court to block the order. As a result, the application will remain closed for now. Applications for those who have applied will remain closed until approval is granted. If the legal charges are reversed, eligible students may receive up to $20,000 in student loan debt relief.

If the application becomes available again, it will ask for your name, social security number, date of birth, phone number, and email address. If the Education Department needs proof of income, they will contact you. The application would remain open until December. 31 December 2023. It’s not clear if this is still valid.

We will keep the details and eligibility information if the application is allowed to reopen. Also, learn more about how to avoid student loan debt scams and which states tax student loan forgiveness.

What is the purpose of a court order stopping student loan debt relief?
A temporary injunction was issued by a court on Oct. 22 to the debt relief plan after six Republican-led states filed a lawsuit against the student loan relief program.

Arkansas, Iowa, and South Carolina argue that the Biden administration has overstepped its legal authority.

A Texas federal judge issued a court order stopping President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program. He ruled that it was illegal. According to the Student Aid website, it is now “inquiring to overturn these orders.”

The Biden administration requested a hold, but a second federal appeals court rejected it.

Student loan cancellations will remain on hold until a final decision can be made.

Who might be eligible to have student loan debt forgiven?
Biden’s plan would cancel federal student loan debt up to $10,000 for individuals who earn less than $125,000 per annum or less than $250,000 for married borrowers and heads of household.

If you were awarded federal Pell Grants during college, up to $20,000 in debt relief may be available.

Although the White House promised borrowers that debt cancellation would occur before federal student loan payments resume on January 1, 2023, it is unclear if this date is still possible.

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