9 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained Here are some bizarre cat behaviours and reasons behind them.

3. Hiding in Confined Spaces

Do you find your cat hiding in bizarre or small areas? For instance, an old cardboard box or laundry basket? Although this can be a pleasant present, there’s a purpose why cats are drawn to stay in odd tight places. This is because it makes them feel comfortable, warm, and safe. That’s why cats often are found lying on the floor in bathrooms. This also explains why cats can rest almost everywhere. Since this strange behavior is commonplace with our feline friends, it’s advisable always to be cautious when opening cabinets and other items to ensure that you don’t risk harming them.

4. Agility/Sudden Bouts of Energy

Have you watched the plethora of cat videos on the web? The reason that everyone is captivated by their videos is that cats’ agility is exceptionally engaging. They have a fantastic sense of balance. This is the reason that many agility contests are held for the animals. It is common to see your cat jumping about and bouncing off walls.

These sudden bursts of energy may be due because the sleep patterns of cats are very different from those of humans. So in the daytime, even when you’re not there, they’re at their sleeping time, while the evening is when they’re most active.

5. Chewing on Things

Imagine this scenario: you’ve just returned from a trip grocery shopping, and before you even organize everything, the cat is already munching away on your plastic shopping bags. In the same way, cats often eat many things, including things made of wool, toys, and other things. Although this can relieve stress or boredom, you must take extra care to ensure your cat isn’t eating the plastic entirely. Cats are being weaned very early and thus need to sleep on soft objects like blankets and stuffed toys.

6. Spying on People

Have you heard of the phrase “curious cat”? It’s a famous phrase due to a reason. It’s because cats love to spy on other cats. This is due to their curiosity, which is why you’ll see your cat staring at you for no reason or simply gazing out the window for several hours. They’re watching and keeping an eye on what’s happening out there. Their curiosity is a plus for community watch organizations.

7. Ignoring You

It’s said that dogs always wag their tails to get recognition from owners, and cats are generally seen as disoriented in their own space. Although you may interpret it as your cat is uninterested in you, this isn’t the truth. The main reason cats do this is that cats are generally independent. Additionally, they’ve not trained the same way as dogs are in that they are prepared to be obedient and attentive.

Cats don’t communicate until they have a compelling reason to. Even in wild settings, mothers share with their kittens in circumstances of danger. So, cats think vocal communication is only necessary for situations of extreme need.

8. Sipping from the Faucet

Don’t get shocked if you notice your cat leaping onto the sink, waiting for you to switch on the Faucet to allow them to drink from. The reason for this behavior can be traced to their ancestors in the wild, who preferred drinking from streams of water instead of a close source. Because the latter contained more bacteria, water flowing was the preferred choice.

9. Nibbling on Grass

Are your cats fond of eating grass? It’s normal. Though cats are carnivores, they occasionally like chewing on the grass to get vital nutrients from grass and other greenery. In the wild, cats receive the nutrients they require from their prey, where this particular part of their behavior originates. In most cases, cats will also exhibit this behavior in the event of stomach unhappiness or trying to attract their owner’s attention.

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